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Check if you can update your computer to Windows 8


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Windows 8 Upgrade is a small application which will allow us to check, in less than five minutes, if our computer can be easily upgraded to Windows 8, something quite possible if we already have Windows 7 installed.

Using this application is very simple. We just have to run the assistant and wait a few minutes for it to analyse our whole computer, a process that will take shorter or longer depending on different factors like the size of our hard drive or the state of the Windows registry.

Once this analysis is finished, the program will show us the number of applications and devices that are compatible and those that aren't. Looking at this in a detailed way we will be able to know exactly which programs will need upgrading if we finally decide to change to Windows 8.

If after this step our computer turns out to be compatible with Windows 8, we will get to a screen from which we will be able to acquire the operating system update with just a click. Furthermore, differently to other previous versions of Windows, this one has a more reasonable price.

Windows 8 Upgrade is a light but very useful tool, thanks to which installing Windows 8 turns to be a piece of cake.
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